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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fall in the UK

The weather in Oct/Nov is mostly pathetic in this part of the world. Dull days, duller and cold nights. The sun hardly shines through, and the haze makes it a little difficult for the likes of me, whose soul object of living weekends is to go out and make this country look more beautiful than it actually is :).

Also, I have just realized that autumn is not the fiery red here, as it is in the US. Autumn is the colour of rust, and if you are lucky, when the sun does peek through and you are out and about, it could be a very soothing gold.

P.S. I shall be back home in the new year. The only thing I will miss from my life for the last year or so, is the opportunity this place gave me to explore something I hadn't known I had any talent for.


Sayan said...

You are coming back permanently to Kolkata??

The Elven Blacksmith said...

I am.